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title            torsionoid

location     glaciar union, 80 degrees south, antarctica

team          pol taylor + marcelo bernal + francisco valdivia

client         departamento antartico, fuerza aerea de chile

date           2014

data           tor.shell_40m2 / 2.8m high / 5.0m wide / 11m long

materials   laminated marine ply beams, ferrari membrane, bent steel plates, 

transport   one pallet 820kg 


narrative >> the torsionoid was the first to use a rhomboid articulation in order to generate double curvature in the membrane. the hub detail was imported from geodesic domes and the variation in the normal between hubs was accommodated by developing a laminated beam section that permitted twisting in its central section. the rigidity of the fixing of the beam to the hub cylinder entailed that the tenso-compressors that triangulate the structure were not necessary. the torsionoid was developed as part of a second generation of equipment to complimented the existing installations of the polar station at glaciar union. the program was to house the separating toilets and urinals in four cubicles, including storage space for all of the accumulated waste. The torsionoid is still in storage awaiting depolyment in glaciar union.

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