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title            antu_stage, puescofest

location     millaillipen, puesco, currarehue, region ix

team          pol taylor + andres garces + travesia team from pucv

client         puescofest

date           2017

data           90m2 / 5m high / 9m wide / 9m deep

narrative>> the antu stage was built by a team of international architecture students from the pucv on a travesia program, inaugurating a new cycle of puescofest that is celebrated every november as a cultural platform associated with the defence of the rivers in the region. situated at the foot of a gently sloping grass bank next to the trancura river it generates a subtly conditioned performance space for 3000 spectators that is permeable and fully immersed in the stunning natural context. curiously the geometric section is identical to the agua del leon dwelling situated 500m up the hillside, demonstrating the programmatic adaptability of the toroidal form.

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