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strategy is the plan of action to achieve a goal,

while tactics coordinate the development of the necessary system of components

taktos_Gk. “ordered, arranged”

tektonikos Gk. "pertaining to fabricating"


TACTIC_001 Deployability          

deployment is a military operation involving transportation, assembly and implementation. infrastructure is shipped into Antarctica in hercules planes and installed under extreme climatic conditions by trained personnel. deployability entails prefabrication and collapsibility, and an assembly process designed to implement limited means in specific contexts. Deployable infrastructure articulates a hybrid choreography in which all of the phases of the timeline are inflected in the form. The deployed is strongly eventual and provisional, transforming a given context in the generation of a modeled reality that is open to unforseen interaction.

TACTIC_002  Lightness                 

Lightness is the most critical dimension in air transportation.

In an increasingly mobile society that is retreating from the age of cheap energy, lightness is also an ethical attitude fundamental for sustainability.  To do more with less. lightness is a product of the complex interaction of shape, structure and material process. Structural shape maps out vectorial flows in which tension forces becomes increasingly protagonist, articulating new fields of contemporary research. Geodesic structures are maximally efficient and their mathematical conjugation can be interpreted in multiple variations that respond to different contexts. Double curvature membranes dematerialize stability, and pneumatic structures are totally self supporting. Advanced modeling software permits the dynamic exploration of these structural shapes and the evaluation  of their performance in simulated conditions by computer aided engineering. Design solutions become increasingly optimized, maximizing the potentials of different materials in the fabrication of precision components.

TACTIC 003  Performance          

Performance refocuses architectural practice, insisting on the active participation of space in the constitution of emerging situations. Architecture is transformed from a passive context to a responsive medium, hybridizing spatial practices and programs. structural shape anticipates dynamic interaction, generating fuselages that register multiple informational inputs in the constant curvature of their surfaces. Urban culture changes its clothes with increasing frequency, and information surfaces become interfaces in which the shape of the moment is constantly being recycled. Performance involves behavior through time, a specific frequency of transformation. Deployable structures permit the rapid implementation of new organization, allowing  testing and feedback to be integrated into evolving design solutions. Performance intensifies architecture.